Work Experience


Sourav is a digital/growth marketing manager with 5+ years of work experience in fintech, e-commerce, and telecom domains.

His areas of interest include user acquisition, engagement, and ROI-focused growth marketing. 🎯

In his own words:

  1. I currently work at smallcase where we’re making stock investing easy for India 2.0 🚀
  2. Before that, I led app and growth marketing at HNAK, a Saudi-based e-commerce company, with a budget of 250k SAR/mo 💸
  3. In the past, I worked at Kirusa (acquired by Gupshup), and scaled their B2C telecom/utilitarian apps in the African & US markets, with a budget of $250k/year

➡️ A brief work experience overview is available on my LinkedIn and resume

📝 I also dabble with technical copywriting

🌈 smallcase (Nov 2020 – Present)

smallcase makes stock investing easy for India 2.0.

Here’s a TL;DR on smallcase:

This is not an investment advice 🙂

I joined smallcase’s B2C vertical as growth manager in November 2020. Been working fully remote since!

🌈 HNAK (Sep’18 to Oct’20)

➡️ Background

  • is the e-commerce wing of the Al Musbah Group, a retail conglomerate in Saudi Arabia.
  • At HNAK, I was part of the digital marketing team, based out of India.
  • The digital team’s primary mandate was performance marketing. We oversaw a budget of 250,000 SAR/month and maintained steady ROAS of 6-7x each month (adjusted for order returns).
  • The Saudi marketing team was responsible for design, branding, social media, and influencer marketing.
  • Although both teams were geographically divided, we worked as a single, cohesive unit. 🔥

➡️ My Work 🤓

  • I primarily managed app user acquisition, engagement and built user personas for repeat purchases.
  • My work included programmatic app-install campaigns, app store optimization (ASO), defining engagement modules (such as deferred discount coupons, abandoned cart emails, product bundling & recommendations, user journeys, affinity personas), and more.
  • I also helped build and maintain the marketing tech (martech) stack, including core features such as:
    • Defining custom/system events and user attributes, for our user engagement and analytics tools.
    • Implementing app-install attribution, deep linking, and deferred deep linking for a uniform customer experience.
  • Tools: Our primary martech tools included WebEngage, AppsFlyer, and Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce (GA-EE).

➡️ Digital Marketing Strategy 📊

👉🏼 The performance marketing team’s optimization criteria included the following:

  • A target return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Maintaining a relatively high average order value (AOV), and
  • Maintaining category contribution – i.e., selling a larger share of high-margin products such as premium perfumes over low-margin ones such as iPhones

👉🏼 Our go-to-market market strategy consisted of conversion and retargeting campaigns across the top ad networks such as Google Ads (Search, Display, and Shopping Ads), Facebook Ads, Snapchat, and the like. We also worked with affiliate partners such as Pricena, ArbyAds, and Careem.

👉🏼 A combination of frugal spending and highly targeted campaigns (such as lookalike and custom audiences) – helped us achieve (and sometimes exceed) our monthly ROAS targets. The medium didn’t matter. Only the results did. 😎

➡️ Product Marketing 🎯

At HNAK, we made data-driven decisions for each of our product features or improvements. During my time, we worked closely with the tech, design, and customer support teams to deliver the following:

  • Lowering order failures: We examined the payment gateway error messages and set up automated rules in our engagement platform, which helped win back failed orders and lowered payment failures.
  • Streamlining customer support: We introduced automatic alerts for high-value orders that saw payment failures or were abandoned midway. The CS team would immediately call the buyer and try to win the order. We also introduced WhatsApp chat support that dramatically reduced issue resolution time.

➡️ Other Tidbits 😺

A fun (and challenging) aspect was adapting our marketing communications to the Arabic script — which, mind you, is written right-to-left. We set up multiple Google Sheet templates that helped us launch our campaigns on time and iterate quickly and efficiently.

🌈 Kirusa, Inc (May’16 to Aug’18)

Kirusa is a US-based voice-over-data company that offers enterprise solutions and apps to telcos, helping them engage, monetize and grow their customer base.


Kirusa rebranded itself to DotGo, and was acquired by Gupshup in 2021.

I began my career at Kirusa and wore multiple hats during my tenure. In a nutshell, I was responsible for marketing Kirusa’s portfolio of apps, including:

  • The launch of a brand new voice-over-data app InstaVoice ReachMe in the US and UK.
  • Growing customer adoption for a utilitarian app (InstaVoice) to 350k users in the African markets; handling a budget of $250,000 USD.

The following is a detailed account of my time at Kirusa. Please note that this is mostly copy-pasted from my LinkedIn, so it might sound resume-ish.

➡️ Lead – Product Programme (June 2018 – Aug 2018)

Responsible for 360-degree product marketing for Kirusa’s portfolio of products and services, including a new telecom productivity app.

1) Product Marketing for InstaVoice ReachMe
  • User Acquisition: Implemented go-to-market strategy for a new app in the US & UK (programmatically) – and Africa (via carrier partnerships); achieved early adopters at target CPIs.
  • ASO: Improved organic visibility of the app in US and UK by identifying high-intent keywords and ranking them in the top 10 app store results.
  • Journey Analysis: Identified key drop-off points in the user journey by studying the install-to-activation funnel.
  • Customer Feedback: Conducted in-app surveys to identify customer pain points. Implemented necessary feature enhancements with product team.
  • Improved Activation: Increased install-to-activation rate from 1.5 to 10% as a result of the enhancements.
2) B2B CPaaS Product for Enterprises & SMBs

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform-as-a-Service. It is a suite of tools that makes enterprise communication easy.

  • Competitive Analysis: Identified and studied key competitors in the CPaaS space to shape our product’s USP.
  • Product Marketing: Worked on the website’s content and product placement, refining it for the African market.

➡️ Digital Marketing Manager (May 2016 – May 2018)

Managed end-to-end digital strategy, focusing on customer adoption in African markets; handling an annual budget of $250,000.

1) App Marketing for InstaVoice
  • Programmatic Campaigns: Acquired 350k+ users from the top SRN ad-networks (primarily Google & Facebook Ads), achieving CPI and CPA target.
    • Tools: AppsFlyer,, SensorTower, AppAnnie, Google Analytics
  • Ad-Spend Optimization: Identified key marketing message shifts through A/B tests, resulting in a 70% decrease in CPI.
    • Tools: AdExpresso
  • User Engagement: Identified key engagement areas (such as failed activations and user last seen) with the product team. Improved adoption via in-app messages & push/email notifications, achieving target MAU.
    • Tools: CleverTap, Mixpanel
  • Customer Support: Implemented real-time support tool Drift, resulting in a 200% increase in support queries from the product website.
2) Social Media Marketing & SEO
  • SMM: Responsible for consumer & corporate social portfolios, driving brand awareness, ORM, and product evangelism (in coordination with in-house teams and agencies)
    • Tools: Hootsuite, Buffer, Mention
  • SEO: Implemented end-to-end SEO strategy (technical, content, link building) for the corporate and product websites (in coordination with agency).
    • Tools: Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, Yoast SEO
  • Email Marketing: Implemented product drip campaigns, corporate newsletters, and influencer marketing via sponsored emails.
    • Tools: Mailchimp, SendinBlue
3) Marcom & Brand
  • Marcom: Revamped corporate website, worked on presentations, brochures, case studies, and press releases (in coordination with agencies).
  • Press Releases: Coordinated with PR agency for sustained delivery of press releases; featured in multiple publications including Forbes.
  • Trade shows: Coordinated on Kirusa’s participation at trade shows including AfricaCom (2016 & 2017) and Mobile World Congress (2017 & 2018). Got to visit MWC 2018, thanks to Kirusa! 😃
  • CSR: Organized & attended the CSR activities for 2016-17.