Corporate Rebranding Announcement Newsletter Inspiration

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Have you ever wondered how large brands make rebranding announcements to their audience?

An all-out rebranding for a large organisation is an intense activity that requires an immense amount of coordination across multiple teams.

This post is an example of a rebranding announcement email sent by large corporate brand to its audience.

Brand marketers have a lot to learn from this, that can be used in their day-to-day activities.

Whenever you’re in need of inspiration to write an announcement newsletter or facing the classic writer’s block – read this email as an example.

About the Brand:

This particular rebranding announcement email is from an Indian investment management company called DSP Mutual Fund. They’re one of the oldest investment firms in India with a rich heritage of 150 years and counting.

While I haven’t researched much on the history of the organisation, they’re are related to the US investment management company BlackRock, with $6.3 trillion (AUM) asset under management. (Refer page 5 of their 2017 Annual Report).

Now let’s get back to the brand’s rebranding announcement newsletter. Here are some key things you should know.

The DSP Mutual Fund Rebranding Announcement Newsletter

The Newsletter at a Glance:

  1. This is a rebranding announcement newsletter from a corporate financial institution – specifically an Indian investment management company.
  2. The brand has been there for a long time (over 150 years of heritage). Therefore the rebranding needs to consider all user personas (youth, middle-aged, senior).
  3. The nature of the newsletter is global – everyone receives it – including shareholders, investors, customers, etc.

In case the link is offline, you can download a PDF copy or a full-page screenshot.

Who can use this?

  • Copywriters working on newsletter copy, specifically for rebranding announcements for financial investment institutions.
  • Brand managers and email marketers looking to improve their email copy.
  • Any marketer looking for inspiration.

Analysing the Newsletter Copy:

The newsletter is brilliantly written, and I won’t be analysing the content in this post. This post is intended to serve as inspiration for all marketers.

Notes on Technical Aspects:

Newsletter readability issues when viewed in the browser

From a technical standpoint, I would point out that this email, when viewed on a mobile browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), doesn’t appear to be responsive. Check out this link on your smartphone and you’ll know what I mean.

The email marketing software DSP has used is MailChimp – and they’re pretty great. I’ve used MailChimp in the past, and all the newsletters have been responsive in nature.

Why would you be reading an email in your browser?

Good question. You see, I prefer a consistent font for my content consumption. It helps me read faster, take notes and share ideas with my friends quickly.

Legibility issues with viewing Apple’s iOS Mail client

This is how the email looks like in Apple’s default iOS Mail app. Not so great, huh?

When I click on the online version, the text cuts out, forcing me to swipe left and right to read the content. This creates unwanted friction in the experience – something that can be easily avoided with some edge-case testing.

One could argue that this is an edge case. I agree.

However, given the fact that a customer who wants to read the newsletter has clicked on the web version for a smoother reading experience, it is important to ensure that the experience is flawless.

In Conclusion

For marketers, a constant sense of curiosity and observation is key to becoming successful. These posts are my attempt to share my observations and learnings from the various marketing communications we receive every day.

Love it? Hate it? Would love to hear from you!

Also, do me know if you’d like to see more posts like this.


By Sourav

Sourav is an aspiring marketer with a passion for all things digital. He currently handles product marketing for an e-commerce app. You can get in touch with him on Twitter.