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Tools are the foundation of civilization. Think of the wheel, the plough or the printing press. Or the Mars Rover that’s currently ~55 million kms away from earth.

My point is simple – the right set of tools can make the difference between good and great. Welcome to my certifications page.

Following are a couple of certifications in analytics, attribution and performance marketing, that I’ve completed this year.

Certifications from Google

Google Analytics for Beginners

A course for getting started with Google Analytics for any website.

Google AdWords Fundamentals

An introduction to the complete Google Ads’ suite.

Universal App Install Campaigns

A specialized course for Universal App Install Campaigns (UAC) in Google Ads.

Performance Marketing Certifications

In-App Marketing

A crash-course on user segmentation, engagement, deep-linking, A/B testing, and more – all using the TMC.

Attribution Analytics

A primer on attribution 101, including – publishers, ad exchanges, look-back windows and a whole lot more!

App Store Analytics

A course on App Store Optimization and Analytics using the TUNE Marketing Console.

A Moment, Please?
My two cents on certifications

You see, certifications a great place to get started. But they don’t necessarily mean expertise.

Just like tools evolved – from the simple plough to a tractor, I believe that expertise is cultivated from experimentation, troubleshooting, a lot of “oh-no”, and a few “ah-ha” moments.

My aim is to develop domain expertise, rather than focusing on a certain tool.

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