World Problems and Solutions

The following is an unorganized list of the most pressing world problems from my point of view.

Whose viewpoint? An upper-middle class marketing professional from a tier-1 city in India in his late twenties.

Some problems have solutions wherein we can directly participate. Others depend on the collective intelligence of society.

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Tissues and Integrity

I was at an airport restroom the other day and noticed a staff personnel washing his face. I could tell that his shift was still active and he had just come to freshen up.

He splashed cold water on his face and rubbed his eyes for a moment of relief. He then pulled out four tissues from the tissue dispenser, wiped his face and left the restroom.

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Borrowed Habits

The other day I tried my hand at online dating. While filling out my profile, I came across an interesting question which led to this blog post.

The other day I tried my hand at online dating. While filling out my profile, I came across an interesting question: I want to be better at…

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Embracing Change After College

My analysis on accepting and embracing change.

Once upon a time back in high school, our teacher had shared a nugget of wisdom that’s relevant to this date. We were in class 12, about to graduate school and enter college life. He said:

Guys, you’ll realize that the real world starts only after you leave college.

My highschool teacher
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Data, Information and Knowledge

150 words on the differences between data, information and knowledge.

Data is a bunch of numbers that exist in rows and columns in a spreadsheet or a text file.

It’s primarily derived from an occurrence. In fact, data owes its genesis to an external event. When you run with a sports activity tracker, data is collected by the device from your body.

Classifying and reorganising the data into meaningful terms is information. You ran 1.75 kilometres today. That’s information.

But what about knowledge?

Running for 1.75 kilometres for 5 times a week improves your overall health. You feel energised, motivated, sleep better and cope better under stress. In short, health is wealth. That’s knowledge.

The funny thing about knowledge is that it’s openly available – in good books and reputed journals.

How you apply that knowledge–at the right time and place–is a measure of your intelligence. Otherwise known as smartness. Sometimes known as common sense.

And we all know the thing about common sense.


Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash